Big Sky Town Trails

Big Sky is an oasis in one of the wildest alpine landscapes on Earth. First-time visitors are often awe-struck without even leaving the comfort of their car or hotel, but the area’s beauty is only fully-realized by those who actually immerse themselves in it.

Bozeman Town Trails

From scenic strolls through town to fast-paced mountain bike rides, Bozeman’s trail system is on par with the greatest in-town trail systems in the world. Here’s a rundown of just a few of the many trails that the Bozeman area has to offer, the rest will be here waiting for you to explore.

The When and Where for Wildflowers.

To many, early summer is the prettiest time of year to visit this corner of Montana. It’s the time of year when the high peaks are still capped with snow, the rivers are flowing full and wildflowers blanket the spaces between the two.

Scenic Day Drives Near Bozeman and Big Sky

Hit the road for these Far From Ordinary adventures. Stunning scenery, quaint towns and wildlife. What more could you want?

On the Fly: 10 Steps to Catching a Trout

Fly fishing is a hobby surrounded by lore. Maybe it’s because neither of the sport’s key objectives, the fish and the bugs, are blatantly visible to the untrained eye. Or maybe it’s because generations of novice fishermen have spent countless hours chasing an understanding of the process without proper direction, returning home time and time again with nothing more than stories of defeat; how they couldn’t crack the code. Either way, to be successful fly fishing, you’ll need to ignore the lore and start from scratch.