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The Best Way to See Bozeman – Trails Around Town

From scenic strolls through town to fast-paced mountain bike rides, Bozeman’s trail system is on par with the greatest in-town trail systems in the world. Here’s a rundown of just a few of the many trails that the Bozeman area has to offer, the rest will be here waiting for you to explore.

Gallagator Trail- The Hub
The Gallagator Trail is a main thoroughfare of Bozeman’s in-town trail system. This well traveled trail runs along an old railroad bed, connecting Montana State University’s campus with Downtown Bozeman. On its own, The Gallagator Trail is only about a mile long, but it serves as a main hub in a network of over 100 miles of in-town trails that consist of everything from well-maintained walking paths to aggressive single track mountain bike trails, making it an ideal starting point for nearly any activity.
Distance: 1.1 miles- 100+ miles
Activities: Walking, Running, Wildflower Viewing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Wildlife Viewing, Interpretive Signs
Difficulty: Easy
Traffic: Heavy

The M- Bozeman’s Classic Day Hike
In Montana, we have this funny tradition of putting giant letters on our hillsides to remind us where we are. Here in Bozeman, we have “The M”, for Montana State University. Located just north of town at the mouth of Bridger Canyon, this is a great hike for visitors looking to get a great view of the valley, without an all-day commitment. From the trailhead, hikers looking for the tamer experience should keep left, and those looking for a steeper, more challenging route can hang right. Whichever way you choose, each of the trails converge at some strategically-placed benches; a great place to stop and rest for a while while you take in the view.
Distance: 1.6 Miles Round Trip
Activities: Hiking, Trail Running, Wildflower Viewing, Scenic Vista
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult
Traffic: Moderate-Heavy

Leverich Canyon- Mountain Bike Paradise
Leverich Canyon is one of the trails that makes Bozeman one of the greatest mountain bike destinations in the West. Located just 20 minutes south of Main Street, the trail’s steep but manageable climb leads riders through beautiful old growth forest on a windy single track trail. Once on top of the ridge, bikers and hikers alike will find plenty of flat, shady areas to rest, view the seasonal wild flowers, and even forage for Montana huckleberries in the later summer months. From here, hikers should return to the trailhead the same way they came up, but for committed mountain bikers, the latter half of the loop consists of a string of beautifully manicured berms and jumps that link together so well that you’d swear you’re riding a commercial downhill course.
Distance: 4.9 Miles
Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Wildflower Viewing, Scenic Vista, Berry Foraging
Difficulty: Moderate
Traffic: Moderate-Heavy

Bear Canyon- Solitude, Nearby
In Bozeman, you never have to venture too far from town to find a little bit of peace and quiet. The sentiment couldn’t be more true than it is on The Bear Canyon Trail- an out-and-back adventure that starts just 10 minutes from town. From the trailhead, hikers are accompanied along this mellow trail by the soothing song of Bear Creek as it cascades through patches of dense forest and meanders through wildflower-filled meadows. This small stream is full of small wild trout that are more than willing to take a swipe at a properly-presented fly, so if you’re one of those fishermen that need an excuse to hike, this is your hike.
Distance: 3.1 Miles Each Way
Activities: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Wildflower Viewing, Berry Foraging
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Traffic: Light-Moderate

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If want to hike and bike the trails around Bozeman, this is the most helpful link you’ll find anywhere: Gallatin Valley Land Trust’s interactive trail map:

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