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The First, Best Ice Fest: Climbing For a Cause

Just 10 minutes south of Downtown Bozeman is one of America’s most influential and renowned ice climbing zones. Hyalite Canyon’s 250+ established ice climbing routes, pristine scenery and consistent ice conditions are what put climbing here at the tippy top of many ice climbers' lifetime bucket lists. And for many, the Bozeman Ice Festival turns those dreams into reality.

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Holiday Happenings: Montana Traditions

The holiday season is one of our region's best; the days are short and sometimes cold, but the warm spirit of residents, combined with the company of visitors, make these some of the liveliest days we see all year long. One could fill a book describing all of the uniquely Montana holiday events that take place this time of year. These are just a few that you can attend to check off of your list, or come back to time and time again.

Yes, There Can Be Friends on a Powder Day

Whoever first muttered the phrase, “No friends on a powder day,” probably just didn’t have anyone to ski with that day. Luckily, skiers visiting Big Sky Resort this season and looking to partake in organized powder slaying have a wide array of options, and can shred assured that they will never have to spend a powder day alone. Whether you’re looking to spend your vacation skiing with a pro, building your confidence with a group of similarly-skilled skiers or just want to secure an opportunity to put first tracks in a prime stash, Big Sky Resort offers a ski camp for everyone:

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Early Winter Happenings: November, December, and January Events

As the snow continues to pile up, the Bozeman, Big Sky and Yellowstone communities are busy planning loads of fun activities that locals and tourists look forward to all summer long.

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Falling Into “The Rut”

For much of Montana’s wildlife, fall is a busy season. Bears are starting to think about finding a suitable hibernation den, rodents are gathering as much food as possible for the long winter ahead and other animals are deep into “the rut.”

Big Things at Big Sky

Big Sky Resort has made some big capital improvements for the upcoming ski season. And by improvements, we aren’t talking a fresh coat of paint on some chairlift poles or a new French fry recipe. New one-of-a-kind lifts, compelling pass options and even more direct flights make skiing at Big Sky in the 2018-2019 season more convenient than ever.

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Time for Raptor Fest

Each October, Bridger Bowl hosts a free public event to celebrate the arrival of thousands of unique visitors. Unlike most of the tourists who pass through this region annually, these visitors aren’t skiers, fly fisherman or sightseers. Rather, they are birds of prey, and they’ve just embarked on an epic migratory journey from their summertime habitats in Northern Montana and Canada to their various wintering locations throughout the Southwestern US and Mexico.

It’s Leaf Peepin’ Season

Come autumn, Montana’s forests come alive as unassuming groves of aspens, cottonwoods and willows trade in their summertime green attire for brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. The contrast of these colors against the dark evergreen canopy that dominates our local hillsides makes for an electrifying visual that you’ll have to come see to believe.