Falling Into “The Rut”

For much of Montana’s wildlife, fall is a busy season. Bears are starting to think about finding a suitable hibernation den, rodents are gathering as much food as possible for the long winter ahead and other animals are deep into “the rut.”

Time for Raptor Fest

Each October, Bridger Bowl hosts a free public event to celebrate the arrival of thousands of unique visitors. Unlike most of the tourists who pass through this region annually, these visitors aren’t skiers, fly fisherman or sightseers. Rather, they are birds of prey, and they’ve just embarked on an epic migratory journey from their summertime habitats in Northern Montana and Canada to their various wintering locations throughout the Southwestern US and Mexico.

It’s Leaf Peepin’ Season

Come autumn, Montana’s forests come alive as unassuming groves of aspens, cottonwoods and willows trade in their summertime green attire for brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. The contrast of these colors against the dark evergreen canopy that dominates our local hillsides makes for an electrifying visual that you’ll have to come see to believe.

The Wild Huckleberry: When and Where

Foraging for huckleberries is an inexpensive, inclusive activity that the whole family can enjoy. Beyond a can of bear spray and hard-sided storage container, the only thing you’ll need for a successful berry picking day is a sweet tooth and a little bit of know-how.

Summer Skiing in this corner of Montana

Freeskiing legend Glen Plake once pointed out that, “Skiing is a snow sport, not a winter sport." This sentiment is no more true anywhere than it is right here, right now, in our corner of Montana. Montana’s snow totals shattered historic records this winter, and as a result, the 2018 summer ski season is continuing to go off.

Big Sky Town Trails

Big Sky is an oasis in one of the wildest alpine landscapes on Earth. First-time visitors are often awe-struck without even leaving the comfort of their car or hotel, but the area’s beauty is only fully-realized by those who actually immerse themselves in it.

Bozeman Town Trails

From scenic strolls through town to fast-paced mountain bike rides, Bozeman’s trail system is on par with the greatest in-town trail systems in the world. Here’s a rundown of just a few of the many trails that the Bozeman area has to offer, the rest will be here waiting for you to explore.

The When and Where for Wildflowers.

To many, early summer is the prettiest time of year to visit this corner of Montana. It’s the time of year when the high peaks are still capped with snow, the rivers are flowing full and wildflowers blanket the spaces between the two.

Winter Walking in Big Sky

Working a winter hike into your vacation plans doesn’t have to be as arduous as it sounds. In our region, there are many places to access vast expanses of public land that are interconnected by marked trails and riddled with stunning views. These trails range in length and difficulty from short and sweet to day-long adventures, so read-up and find the hike that suits your group best.

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